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Here's Why You Will Love
Your Lash Extensions

Sweat proof, Oil proof, Water proof
Appear Effortlessly Elegant  24/7
Minimize/Eliminate Makeup Routine
Save time getting ready
Monthly Lash Naps
Great for travel and special occasions too!

Choosing Your Lash Style

When it comes to choosing a lash style, the number of options can be overwhelming. We simplify this process by conducting a thorough consultation before your first treatment. Your lash specialist is eager to educate you on all of your options and is happy to recommend a style that best suits your features. We take all of your lifestyle factors into consideration when designing the perfect lash look for you.

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How to Prepare:

   Fully remove eye makeup before arriving

 • Avoid caffeine - it causes jittery eyes

 • Bring ear buds if you'd like to listen to

audiobook, podcast, etc

• Plan to lie comfortably with your eyes

closed for up to 2 hours

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Please enjoy your complimentary

Lashbox LA Aftercare Bundle

gifted with purchase of any Full Set!

Your first lash appointment
What to Expect


You and your lash specialist will have a virtual consultation to discuss and determine your desired lash look before you arrive. This allows us to dedicate all of your appointment time to the application of your lash set.

Inspiration photos are incredibly helpful for your lash stylist to see your vision. Whenever you come across a social media post or photo of a lash look that you love, take a screenshot to share with your specialist!

How to Maintain Your Lashes
Lash Care

Let's start with the most important step - thoroughly cleanse your eyelids daily! Yes we said EYELIDS. Our Lashbox LA BE NAKED foaming cleanser + cleansing brush is the best duo for keeping your eyelids, eyelash follicles and lash extensions clean, and even more importantly, healthy. Another benefit of cleansing daily is that the adhesive bonds will remain strong and your lash extensions will last longer. That's right - your lash extensions will last longer if you are consistently cleansing morning and night. 

• Cleanse eyelids daily

• You do not have to wait 24 hours to wet the lashes

• Our lash adhesive is water proof, sweat proof, oil proof

• Blow dry on cool setting to dry & "fluff" your lashes

• Only brush lashes when they're dry

• Do not rub, pull or pick

• Schedule fill appointments

every 3 weeks

  • How long do eyelash extensions last?
    If you plan on maintaining your lash extensions, you will want to schedule a touch up every 3 weeks. If you are having lash extensions applied for a one-time occasion, you may have some lashes lingering for up to 6+ weeks. Generally speaking, by the 4 week mark your lash extensions will be noticeably sparse.
  • How are eyelash extensions applied?
    We use professional grade eyelash extension adhesive to adhere the extensions to your natural lash. During the application process, every mature natural lash will be isolated and an extension will be adhered to the base. The extensions are artistically and skillfully placed to ensure that the natural lash cycle is not disturbed. This is how we maintain the health of your natural lashes. Please keep in mind the extensions are only adhered to the natural lash and should never be attached to the skin.
  • Are eyelash extensions safe for my natural lashes?
    Yes, eyelash extensions are safe for the natural lashes as long as you are choosing a lash specialist who is licensed, certified and properly trained. Here at LashPro Aesthetics, our owner & lash specialist Carlyn "The Luxury Lashpro" is a licensed esthetician and certified Lash Specialist with over 12 years of experience and the desire to provide only the best for every guest. Your health and safety is our number one priority. We use only disposable, one time use products + supplies and all of our equipment + tools are sanitized between clients according to California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology standards and regulations.
  • How long does it take to have eyelash extensions applied?
    Please allow for up to 2 hours for Full Sets and 1-1.5 hours for touch ups.
  • How often do I need to get eyelash extensions refilled?
    You can expect to schedule a touch up once every 3 weeks. Anywhere between 2-4 weeks is common. Touch ups scheduled after 4 weeks will be considered a Full Set. When you return for touch up appointments, you should still have at least 50% of your lash extensions remaining. Touch ups are meant for refilling an already existing set. If your extensions are frequently sparse, we will double check that your aftercare is on point and may recommend that you return more frequently to better maintain your lashes.
  • How do I properly care for my eyelash extensions?
    The most important care step is to thoroughly cleanse your eyelids daily. We gift every new guest with a lash cleansing system to ensure that you have the proper after care at home. Cleansing daily will ensure that your lash follicles remain healthy and will keep the adhesive bonds strong - this means your lash extensions will last longer! You can use your hair dryer on the cool setting to dry your lashes. Only brush the lashes into place once they are fully dry. Do not rub, pull or pick your lashes. Schedule your touch up every 3 weeks.
  • Can I swim or shower with eyelash extensions?
    Yes, you can swim, exercise, shower and fully submerge your lashes in water. At LashPro Aesthetics we use professional grade adhesive that is water proof, sweat proof and oil proof. By the time you leave your lash appointment, the adhesive is fully set and you can wet your lashes immediately without compromising your lashes.
  • Can I still wear makeup with eyelash extensions?
    Yes, it is okay to wear makeup. We do advise that you avoid waterproof eye makeup as it often requires oils, balms, creams and excessive rubbing to fully remove. Although the lashes are oil proof, excessive amounts of oily or creamy products may coat the lash extensions and is very difficult to remove. Buildup of any type of eye makeup should be avoided. Cleanse your eyelids thoroughly with our recommended Lashbox LA eyelid cleanser and cleansing brush to prevent buildup, clogged eyelash follicles and potential eye irritation.
  • Are there different types of eyelash extensions?
    At LashPro Aesthetics we stock a large variety of different diameters, lengths, colors and curls to accommodate many different lash styles. All of our lashes are incredibly soft and lightweight. Our lash fibers are synthetic, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty free.
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